I would like to thank our sponsors for helping me get Unleashed to the air races.
Aviation Solutions LLCAviation Solutions LLC has been covering all of my airplanes since my Cessna 150 days and I was proud to have them as my Primary Sponsor for the 2014 Reno Air Races.  Please visit their website for more information.


Airflow Performance IncI am very happy to have switched to a brand new Airflow Performance FM-200A fuel servo this year thanks to the support from Don Rivera.  This new servo appears to not only offer more manifold pressure, but also maintain the correct air/fuel ratio well into the high RPM’s.  Something the old servo would not do.  Only a few test flights so far, but things are looking really good for 2014!  Contact Airflow Performance Inc to improve your setup!

BeringerAnother major sponsor and set of improvements for Unleashed are in the form of new wheels and brakes made by Beringer.  I am VERY happy to remove the old system and gain so many things.  Tubless tires, sealed bearings, brakes that work, anti-skid pressure regulator and more!  Contact Beringer for the best wheels and brakes for your airplane today!

Advanced Aero ComponentsAdvanced Aero Components has been making beautiful parts for experimental aircraft that not only look great, they perform even better!  Unleashed is now using their Air/Oil separator and we don’t even clean the belly anymore.  What a great product.

R & D American AviationR & D American Aviation is a great family owned and operated maintenance facility located at my home airport Lee’s Summit Missouri. (KLXT)  Without the support I got from everyone at R & D, I wouldn’t have had the airplane done in time.  If you need anything from a pre-buy, annual inspection, or major repair, please visit R & D American Aviation.

EAA Chapter 91My local EAA Chapter 91 was also a huge part of my success this year.  Not only the chapter itself helped, but its many very capable members with a vast skill set help me overcome many of my challenges modifying my airplane.  My first airplane ride was at a Chapter 91 Young Eagles event and I enjoy sharing that experience with Young Eagles myself. (When the airplane is assembled that is..)  Please if you have a local EAA Chapter, please support it to help continue experimental aviation.

Special thanks to Donald McMullin.

An assortment of racing results from the 2017 Reno Air Races.
*New Course Length for 2017*

Qualifying         264.120 mph
Heat 1B           262.828 mph
Heat 2B           267.843 mph
Heat 3B           268.408 mph
Silver Race       260.142 mph

An assortment of racing results from the 2016 Reno Air Races.

Qualifying         276.102 mph
Heat 1B           274.027 mph
Heat 2B           271.056 mph
Heat 3B           273.670 mph
Silver Race       268.101 mph

An assortment of racing results from the 2015 Reno Air Races.

Qualifying         279.686 mph  New Record for Unleashed!
Heat 1B           276.720 mph
Heat 2B           273.836 mph
Heat 3B           271.519 mph
Silver Race       269.965 mph

An assortment of racing results from the 2014 Reno Air Races.

Qualifying         270.944 mph
Heat 1B           267.168 mph
Heat 2B           273.593 mph
Heat 3B           DNS  (Bad Radio.. go figure)
Silver Race       262.902 mph

An assortment of racing results from the 2013 Reno Air Races.

Qualifying         268.272 mph
Medallion Race 261.906 mph (only 2600 rpm!)
Heat 1C           268.300 mph
Heat 2C           265.030 mph
Heat 3C           266.717 mph
Bronze Race     266.944 mph

An assortment of racing results from the 2012 Reno Air Races.

Qualifying         268.781 mph
Heat 1B           264.365 mph
Heat 2B           261.933 mph
Heat 3B           263.100 mph
Silver Race       267.541 mph

An assortment of racing results from the 2010 Reno Air Races.

Qualifying         247.341 mph
Heat 1B           253.808 mph
Heat 2B           258.992 mph
Heat 3B           259.586 mph
Silver Race       263.909 mph

An assortment of racing results from the 2006 Reno Air Races.

Qualifying         253.951 mph
Heat 2C           253.195 mph
Heat 3C           257.842 mph
Bronze Race     258.856 mph

An assortment of racing results from the 2005 Reno Air Races.

Qualifying         233.401 mph
Heat 1C           229.656 mph
Heat 2C           234.160 mph
Heat 3C           237.306 mph
Bronze Race     233.041 mph