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Flap Airfoil Modification

This is another of my many projects that happened last year and I am just now getting around to writing a report about it. I suppose part of why I am so slow at covering this might be the fact that I didn’t see much improvement on this one. It is possible that the potential gains cannot be measured with …

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Nose Gear Cover

Nose Gear Cover

During one of my many formation flights, someone in the formation pointed out that the trailing edge of my nose …

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Beluga Feature

Beluga Belly Modification

At this point with this airplane, it has become a test bed for all sorts of ideas. Financially I am …

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Brake Preview

Wheel Bearings and Brake Pads

While preparing the airplane for another year at the Reno Air Races I finally got around to replacing the main …

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Cowl 58

Angle Valve Cowling Project

I finished this project about a year ago, just prior to going to Pylon Racing Seminar to get race qualified.  …

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Spinner Overhaul

Spinner and Bulkhead Overhual


My frequent readers will know that I have had previous spinner issues.  Mainly the main bulkhead would develop cracks around …

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Engine Angle 01

Engine Angle


During my firewall forward modifications I ran in to a bit of a problem.  For starters, remember this engine is …

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