Lancair Super Legacy N23LF

This Lancair Super Legacy is now for sale. It has ALL of the Aerochia modifications and is being sold in a “Race Ready” configuration. This page was assembled to showcase the aircraft, it’s many upgrades, performance numbers and what  a buyer can expect from a true Reno Super Sport aircraft. Photo galleries can be found below.  Also I created a very detailed list of performance data including all engine parameters in a variety of flight conditions.  That can be found at the link below.

Performance Data found HERE


  • Chelton (single   screen)
  • MX20 (have data card for Chart   View, but never used)
  • CNX80
  • SL30
  • TruTrak autopilot
  • GDL69 Weather receiver
  • RC Allen 2.25 RCA Standby Attitude Indicator (with backup   battery)
  • SL70R Transponder
  • SL15 Audio Control
  • PS Engineering DVD and Radio   Receiver Entertainment package.
  • Mountain High O2 system plus military A-14 O2 regulator   that can be used instead of the Mountain High system.
  • Infinity Sticks on both sides.  Button action includes:
    Pitch Trim
    Roll Trim
    Rudder Trim
    Chelton Screen Shift (between 3 screens)
    Auto Pilot Interrupt/Disconnect
    Silence Chelton Audio Warnings
    Radio Transmission

Engine / Prop

  • TSIO-550
  • Total Time: 254 hours
  • Since Top Overhaul (Millennium Cylinders): 21 hours
  • 2 Zero time spare cylinders included
  • GAMI Injectors
  • Dual B&C Alternators
  • Hartzell Full Feathering, Counter Weighted Racing Prop: 118 hours
  • New Concorde RG-35AXC Battery


  • Emtpy Weight: 1693 lbs
  • Gross Weight: 2700 lbs
  • Usefull Load: 1007 lbs
  • 95 Gallons of Fuel with auxiliary tanks
  • Ground Power Receptacle in gear well
  • Landing Lights (Lancair type that mount on the main gear struts)
  • Radio headset receptacle for both standard two prong wires and Bose
  • Pneumatic canopy   seal
  • New nose and left main tires, right main installed 38 hours ago

Race Modifications

  • Super Legacy Tail modification. This is 4 additional layers of carbon fiber around the aft fuselage starting under the baggage compartment   windows to about 2/3 the way up the vertical stabilizer. This aircraft DOES NOT have a Vne of 274 knots that the standard Legacy has. N23LF has demonstrated safe to indicated airspeeds up over 340 knots. According to Greg Cole the Super Legacy is good to .6 Mach (Mmo = .6 Mach).
  • Wing Leading Edge fairing
  • Horizontal Leading Edge fairing
  • Fuselage Side Panels
  • Full Aerochia Firewall Forward. This includes all of the plenums, cowlings, nose gear close out box, etc..
  • Aft Opening Canopy
  • Water / ADI tank in passenger seat. (Removeable)


Completed Aircraft Photos

Race Modifications / Build Photos


  • $300,000 “Race Ready”

To Contact the seller, complete the form below with your name, email address and message.  Or the phone number listed below.

  • Lynn Farnsworth
  • ph: 770-475-0966