Monthly Archive for: ‘January, 2011’

Inlet Blog

Cowl Inlet Size Upgrade


The original air inlet for the engine was something I knew would be something that we could improve.  For starters, …

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Oilcooler Blog

Second Oil Cooler Upgrade


Unleashed has always been plagued by one problem, high oil temperature.  The original setup for racing in 2006 included a …

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Airbox Blog

Airbox Upgrade


During the original install of this engine, many cowling modifications had to be made.  One of those modifications was molding …

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Intake Blog

Cold Air Intake Upgrade

The XP-400 SRE engine was manufactured in 2006.  It shared the same Ryton sump as many other Superior XP engines.  …

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Plenum Blog

Cooling Plenum Upgrade


Update! See New Baffle Kit, Diffusers and Plenum V.2 New Baffle kit, Diffusers and plenum have been made.  Below you will …

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